SAMMPPOR Sales And Profitability Programme

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Sneak Peak into The First Part of Module One - The Threshold.

Here you'll see the importance of this oft-overlooked part of the business and why your signage makes a HUGE difference to your ability to attract ne3w customers AND make your existing ones more comfortable and relaxed BEFORE they corsso thre threshold into your shop...

The Details:

- Doors close for 2020 on Friday 11th December at 6.00 p.m.

- Full 45 day "No Questions Asked" Money Back Guarantee


The Full Existing SAMMPPOR Training

Immediate Access toThe Step by Step, Proven Process based on increasing sales and gross profit leading to substantial Net Profit Improvements. The process is based on the Core Four of Your Menu, Your Merchandising, Your People and Your Promotion.


The "Profit Tomorrow Process"

You take 10 minutes to do 10 things (photos and some sales data) and send them to me. I analyse, in great depth, and produced a 20-30 minute video showing you how to make immediate increases in your sales and profitability.

Designed to do one thing - get you extra profit so you can make your investment back within a month and then go through the rest of the programme more leisurely.


Emotional Sequence Mapping

Through the next two months we'll be rebuilding the programme in a new format that maps out your customer's journey to:

  • Increase Average Transaction Value
  • Increase their loyalty and Frequency of Visit
  • Increase Your Ability to Attract New Customers


One Hour Phone Call With Me

Available, at any stage, to help you make the most of the training and get rapid sales and profit improvements.


One Year's Full Group Support

In our Private Facebook Group you can see the results others are making and ask me, or my team anything.


The 14 Brand and Revenue Extension Training

Designed to help you make profit - even during lockdown or other restrictions.


Takeaway Training

Designed to help you make the most of the Takeaway Opportunity