The SAMMPPOR process has been tested with hundreds of clients. It's an intensive business coaching programme, with twelve months of support, that designed to ensure you make the maximum sales and profits through the next three stages of COVID recovery...

Get Started For Just £5.00 plus six monthly payments of £183


The next few months are going to be extremely challenging...

That's where we come in. The SAMMPPOR process is designed to break down each key part of your business and rebuild it for maximum sales and profitability.

And it's been re-designed and updated to help you do this at each stage of this COVID crisis and the gradual move back to the clichéd "new normal".

Get Started For Just £5.00 plus six monthly payments of £183


Here's everything you get...

Full Online Training

Eight training modules to help you break down your business and rebuild a new, much more profitable version.

The training has multiple workbooks, checklists and templates to allow you to easily integrate it into YOUR business

People Training

With your new menu and revised merchandising we show you exactly how to get your team on board and actively selling... but not in a sleazy "would you like to go large" fashion.

Full Support

Unlimited questions answered in the private Facebook group.


Brand new training on

  • Takeaway skills
  • Online skills
  • Retail skills

Menu Breakdown

We break your menu down so that you can rebuild it, for maximum profit and value to your customer... and to work within the constraints of your kitchen and shop.


With your new menu, your revised merchandising and your people bought in we need to tell the world about it! We teach a totally unique, five-stage process, that is designed to dramatically increase your customer engagement and repeat business.

Specific analysis of YOUR business.

I do a full break down, on video, of your menu and merchandising to maximise your future profitability.

You also have access to all previous menu breakdowns to help give you ideas and inspiration.


We rework your internal signage and merchandising to increase your average transaction value AND encourage repeat business.

Operational Systems

There are literally hundreds of variables that affect your customers experience. We show you, with worked examples, how to put processes in place to make sure the business runs efficiently at all times... even if you're not there!

Much More

Bonus modules on how to manage your time, how to recruit great people, how to produce a PR campaign, a deep dive into menu and buying psychology and new content added all the time.

As this current crisis develops we will keep adding content and training to specifically help with each change in the marketplace or customer behaviour.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How does this work?

Once you pay your first payment you'll receive an email providing immediate access to all the content and the private Facebook group. You'll receive a welcome email from me outlining how and when we do the specific analysis on your business.

What kind of results can I expect?

The core principle of the SAMMPPOR process is to create a minimum 10% increase in sales coupled with a 5% increase in gross profit. In most cases that equates to a DOUBLING or sometimes TRIPLING of Net Profit (EBITDA).

Where do you operate?

We're currently based in London in the UK but have clients in the US, Australia, Scandanavia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East - the principles we teach are applicable regardless of where you live.

Are there any hidden fees?

No. Your first payment is just £5 (yes really!), followed by six payments of £183 (+VAT or local sales tax). Note: your payment will automatically be converted into your currency on the order page so you can see how much you'll actually pay.

What if I don't feel it's worth it?

That's why we offer a £5, seven-day trial! You can easily cancel before your first £183 payment.

AND! You have a sixty day money back guarantee at any time!


Get started for £5.00

Plus Six Monthly Payments of £183

No strings attached, no hidden fees.