Free Access To The Training And Resources To Profitably Survive The Next Six Months

Multiple Practical Trainings and Tools to Help Your Business...

Let me have them, please
  • A Worked Case Study video of Five businesses open now and all trading more profitably than before lockdown.
  • The Solutions Now Training
  • The COVID Cashflow spreadsheet and video training
  • The Projected Profit and Loss spreadsheet
  • The Checklist for Reopening NOW - an extensive and, easy to use, document to make sure that when you have reopened you have all key areas covered and can be quickly efficient and profitable.
  • Free access, when we know the rules... to a Checklist on How to Open at Phase Three - post lockdown. This is potentially the most challenging phase of all so needs careful and meticulous attention.
  • These Checklists Cover All Operational Areas - Current situation, Potential extra revenue sources, Menu changes, Merchandising changes, Internal signage changes, Staff safety and re-induction "post-furlough", customer engagement both externally via social and internally, Customer safety requirements, Equipment checks, and Revised operational systems. They also include links to the relevant Government regulations.

All Training Is FREE - and designed to directly assist your business to be profitable during the next three phases of this crisis.

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