How To Ensure Your Cafe Or Coffee Shop Remains Profitable Right NOW

This Training Will Show You The 5 No-Cost Solutions That Will Help You Increase Sales AND Profits Today - Even In Lockdown...

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Why Listen To Me?

I've spent the last 28 years in the industry as an operator, owner and consultant.

I have authored the 3 best-selling books on coffee shop profitability and advised Gordon Ramsay, the NHS and hundreds of independent cafes and coffee shops.

“Michel Roux taught me how to cook but Johnny Richardson taught me how to make money”

Jason More – multi-site owner.

What you'll discover:

2 Easy Tricks to increase sales today - even if you're in partial lockdown...

The Subtle Technique that I taught Gordon Ramsay (which made him change a recipe on national TV) and increased sales by 28% with one client and 34% with another

My 2-Part Process that increased profits to such a level for one client that she was able to fund a second location.

“John Richardson is a consultant to some of the UK’s best-known coffee chains and a major player in the industry.”

Gordon Ramsay

One ten-minute conversation with John made me £300,000 in 6 months. I can highly recommend John His approach is unique, refreshing and enormously effective. 

James Shapland - Coffee #1

The money that I spent working with John I saved again within about 3 weeks. You’ll kick yourself for not engaging him earlier.

His advice has always been invaluable, and my business has seen huge transformations over the years thanks to him. 

Louisa Henry - Opposite Cafes